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well Xplorer Fans, you have asked for it so here it is Xplorer to proud to present to you our first (some say over engineered) fidget spiner weight 70g diameter 75mm Full ball raced: Yes Billet T6069 Alum: Yes Colour: Spray painted Complete CNC Made: Yes Computer controlled Dynamic balancing: Yes
Xspin Space
Our next themed spinner. invoking a futuristic sense when you hold it or spin it. The Xspin SPACE fidget spinner from Xplorer. CAD created CNC made designed and made in house here in Singapore machined from a billet Alum billet metal full ball raced
Xspin Love
here is something for the couples. Have you ever felt so in love, that your head feels like it's spinning? Well, we have made that into a product. Introducing a new addition to our Xspin series of fidget spinners called, (what else) LOVE. Keep your loved one in the palm of your hands always and take...