Goldeneye V2 Xtip

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Great Product
these Xtips GREATLY exceeded my expectations! i attached mine to my own foam rods and when i was ready to use them, i immediately noticed better performance in range, speed and accuracy. the Xtips texture is very smooth to where they almost feel slightly lubricated which makes the aerodynamics of the Xtip produce ZERO fishtailing. the Xtips themselves, are made of the perfect combination of rubber and silicone so they're firm to hold there shape yet they aren't like hard rubber to where you'd get a welt if shot by them. For the extra work that was put into these to make them the metallic gold color, is worth the extra 5. I'll definitely be buying more of these! (if they don't go out of stock by the time i'm ready to buy more!) i would also definitely be interested in a metallic silver Xtip if Xplorer ever considered making them! :)
Stephen Miller
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