X dart-mag
X dart-mag
X dart-mag
X dart-mag
X dart-mag
X dart-mag
X dart-mag
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From the people who FIRST brought you the 12 Dart X-clip,  Xplorers is proud to bring to you their latest product, the 18 dart X DART-MAG

* holds and most importanly FIRES all 18 half length darts aka stefans
* works best with Xplorer Xtip darts
* also works with slugs, Six Shot's Sabots, Glue domes and other variants of stefans
* will fit in any clip fed N-strike blaster
* semi see thru casing, for instant ammo check
* tinted enough so that only you see your ammo, not your opponents
* slimmer in profile so it fits most combat vest magazine pouches
* ergonomically designed for a beer can grip for speedy mag change
* made of durable material so it holds up when dropped or knocked
* entirely redesgined internals, enabling us to bring the X dart-mag to you at the price that's for everyone
* for buyers of 4 X dart-mags or more, please see our special bundled offer

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Best mags I have ever used
I love these mags, I have a few mags from another company (witch is not around anymore if im not mistaken) and these are much better. The don't damage my darts and they feed very well. I put 200 Xdarts though my longhshot( with Xplorer internals) and it did not miss feed/jam once. I liked these mags so much I bought two more the same day mine arrived
This mag is at affordable price and totally worth it! The slimmer profile gives it a better look and practical for storing and easier to do a mag change in battle due it being a easier fit in hand. Also it is made of a strong plastic made to last bumps and knocks but at the same time is slightly see through so the user can do a dart count in battle.
Thomas Sanalitro
Winning a war in style
The new more affordable xplorer x dart mag is finally here! The stefan mag is aesthetically pleasing, with the clear coated plastic allowing for easy ammo check in the middle of a war. The clip's spring is effective too, and suitable for rapid fire blasters or those who wish to spam darts. Durability is high as well, with the clip able to withstand butterfinger moments. Lastly, the high 18 dart capacity ensure that you'll never be short of darts ever again! A definate must have for xplorer fans.
Jonathan Lim
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