Xclips for stefans
Xclips for stefans
Xclips for stefans
Xclips for stefans
Xclips for stefans
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Specially designed, purpose made dart clip for the stefan sized darts.  Can fit all N-strike clip fed series blasters but it's made for Xpower kits.  Each clip holds 12 stefans.

Version 2 Enhancements:  From May we will be exporting the Version 2 Stefan clips.  The improvements/changes are

1 Using screws to hold the magazine together, instead of snap clips
2 Removal of dart stopper
3 Shifting the dart cowl to a more forward position
4 extending the over length of the clip to enable the spring to sit properly when fully compressed
5 Improved spring
6 molded notch for longshot rear stock clip holder compatibility

Version 3

1 Colour options available.

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This clip holds your stefans very well and also feeds like a normal nerf clip. If it was a little cheaper I would get more. Nonetheless, this clip is a good alternative for those who don't know how to convert 18-dart clips for stefans.
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