Xpede SMG
Xpede SMG
Xpede SMG
Xpede SMG
Xpede SMG
Xpede SMG
Xpede SMG
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Xplorer offers it's first complete blaster setup.  Introducing the fresh new look, Xpede SMG.  Stems from the minimized stampede, this Xpede SMG features the newly designed butt stock and muzzle.  This Xpede comes installed with the stampede Xpower kit, fully tuned and ready to use.  A new battery compartment is installed and provided.  Here is the equipment list

minimized stampede CS-18 (pre-owned unit, reconditioned)
Xpower kit (retro fitted to the stampede)
Xpower main spring
newly design Xplorer butt stock (pre-fitted)
muzzle and barrel
1 x Xclip (now comes with Xmag!)
1 x 4AA battery compartment (14500 LIPO batteries required, not included)
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Truly a nerf SMG
This gun makes my other stampedes look like fully automatic mavericks! Great Rate of Fire and accuracy, the stefans don't fishtail like nerf elites when fired. A high quality product and I will definitely be buying more mod kits and parts from Xplorer.
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