Xplorer buffer tube adapter
Xplorer buffer tube adapter
Xplorer buffer tube adapter
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Ever wanted to install your M4 butt stocks into your Nerf Retaliator, Rampage or Recon?  without sawing, cutting, gluing or permanently altering your blaster shells?  Introducing the all new Xplorer custom key adapter.

Similar products have been done before but they all have a common issue.  In order to make the key adapter compatible to all NERF blasters that accepts a NERF stock, many have made their key adapter to latch on with the 2 slot on the tail end of the blasters.  Nothing wrong with that when using NERF stocks.

However, some M4 butt stocks (even Airsoft grade ones) are rather heavy.  Try running around with those and chances are they will just drop right off the blasters and probably breaking something in the process.

To make things worse, some users actually latch on the their blasters via the butt stock.  This rest the entire weight of the whole blaster on those 2 spring loaded slots.  In our opinion, doing a key adapter that way is cool, but not tacticool.  Installing a M4 butt stock to your blaster, cool. Blaster dropping on the floor when you do a transition, not cool.

Xplorer have done it a different way.  Sacrificing universal compatibility, we have found that replacing the entire NERF buffer tube and bolting down the key adapter is the best way to secure your brand new butt stock (which can be more expensive than your blaster) on your weapon of choice.  Not only it secures better, it can hold up the weight of blaster if it is latched by the butt stock.

We have also added extra material to the underside of the connecting piece, so users can drill holes and install their own sling anchor points.

This key adapter is made to work with most butt stocks that matches the keyhole profile of the buffer tube. 

The Xploer custom key adapter will work on the following models

*butt stocks and blasters shown in the pictures are for illustration only and are NOT included in the price
** This key adapter is made to commercial spec.  Milspec grade stocks will NOT fit in this key adapter.
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