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Standard Issue Cartaya Gear, The Best Long Range Dart Tip Period!
The V2 Xtip's are the defacto standard in my arsenal of pistols, Sealed breech Retaliators and Carbine single shooters, all of which I fight wars with and often win. My principles of getting good range with decent accuracy is not just a High efficiency blaster with heavy output Like the Xarrett can do, it is the usage of that power once the dart leaves the brass barrels. I see people, battling with home made darts, and sure they are getting a good 230-300fps...out of the barrels but how about at 50'? 100'? 130'? 150'? Often the darts I see in the NIC wars are felt tipped with washers behind them, bad aerodynamics. Even the Glue domes and Silicone tips I have seen are uneven and feel inconsistent dart to dart, even molded domed tips, no body seems to get it just right. These are perfect, yes they are hollow core foam, but I have seen good ones made that are solid foam and even asked to buy 50...From Malaysia. It is important that the in flight ballistics also are in your favor and these darts cut the air and have less drop that any slug or dart I have seen in the NIC, modded stock or HvZ communities. In the USA, it's only a matter of time till these catch on, why not lead instead of follow?
Xplorer dart tip v2 with Stryfe
The Xplorer dart tip V2 are awesome with all my plunger based guns. They regularly jam when used with default length Xplorer foam rods in my Stryfe. This seems to be due to the Xplorer dart tip V2 darts effectively being shorter (mostly because of the aerodynamic shape of the dart tip, which causes the flywheels to grip later, effectively shortening the usable length of the foam dart). It does not happen with the Rayven, which uses a cloth based centering hole and therefore probably compresses the dart less in the process. To not encounter either pull the trigger very slowly or very fast.
Xplorer Dart Tips V2
Another great product by Xplorer. Fishtail? This word is not in my dictionary when I'm using these dart tips. Extremely straight flight even with my 18.5kg Trooper LS. A must have for serious war-goers and dart makers alike.
DEATH04066-Jia Le
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