Xpower kit for Longshot FIGHTER edition
Xpower kit for Longshot FIGHTER edition
Xpower kit for Longshot FIGHTER edition
Xpower kit for Longshot FIGHTER edition
Xpower kit for Longshot FIGHTER edition
Xpower kit for Longshot FIGHTER edition
Xpower kit for Longshot FIGHTER edition
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Latest release:  Xplorer is proud to release the latest Version 5 (V5) Air Tight breech upgrade.  This upgrade produces performance upgrades up to 240 fps (as tested in our own in-house test). 

Based on the Xpower Full Tuned Kit (FTK) for the Longshot, comes the newly developed Xpower Fighter.  Xplorer has designed the Fighter kit around the world famous Xpower kit and come up with a design that's easy on the wallet but still packs a mean punch.

In order to reduce parts count and shave the cost, this kit will reuse some components of the stock longshot.  There will not be a replacement of the sled, end cap, catch plate and plunger cup.  What is included in the kit are

* precision crafted dart gate and holder
* precision dart pusher
* metallic barrel
* upgraded spring.

Buyers will find all the parts they need in a complete longshot to complete this kit.

tools needed will be
* No.2 Philips screwdriver to open up the blaster
* tube cutter to remove the original dart pusher
* rapid glue
* advance knowledge of the internals of a longshot.

here is a demo video of the kit

here is a range test

Qns: What is inclded in this kit?
Ans: a dart pusher, a dart gate, a metallic barrel and a spring. Parts count 4. The blaster and the X dart-mag shown in the picture is NOT included.

What is the Fighter kit made of?
It is made the exact same high quality material that Xplorer uses for all their kits. Quality is never compromised.

From $260 to $70. Why has the price of the Xpower kit for longshot dropped that much?
For $260, you get a bolt sled (50) a X-dart mag (30) the entire breech system and o-rings (160) a spring (12) metal end cap and delrin catch plate (38). That is why we insist that our Trooper kits is still the best value kit around. However, the FIGHTER kit gives everyone an opportunity to own an Xpower kit. A little more work has to be done but it should be a walk in the park for those who are good with their hands , have access to some simple tools and have a good knowledge of the longshot internals. On the other hand, the trooper kit addresses almost all of the weakness of the longshot when used with an uprated spring and replaces all the parts that might fail over time, up to 14kg. The Ultimate kit prepares the blaster to take 20kg spring and above.

What kind of darts can we use with this Fighter kit?
So far we have tested our kits with only our in-house Xtips and red/pink foam. Performance will vary with different tip/foam used but generally, most stefans can be fired from this kit.

Are there any product warranty or guarantee?
We warranty our parts from any manufacturing defects or fitment issues. However, we cannot warranty non-xplorer parts from wear and tear. We found here that using any main spring that is rated heavier than stock will place excessive stress on the stock bolt sled. We recommend some form of reinforcement on the bolt sled be used or alternatively, buyers can purchase an after market bolt sled made of composite material or metal from us or from other manufacturers. using a pump grip can spread priming force evenly on the sled and is also recommended. The above mods are good to have but not necessary to make the FIGHTER kit work. XPLORER CANNOT BE HELD LIABLE FOR ANY DAMAGE TO YOUR BLASTER WHEN USING THE FIGHTER KIT. INSTALL THIS KIT AT YOUR OWN RISK.
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Works quite well!!
Works like clockwork and doesn't fail. Reliable kit although it is budget. Wonder if the aluminium barrel could be a little wider.
Good value
I would like to start off by saying that this kit blows away any other long shot kit I have seen. I always thought most blaster kits were stupid, I like to just make my own parts. Then I found Xplorer, the parts/kits these guys make are amazing. I would highly recommend this kit to anyone looking to try out a xplorer system. The only thing I am confused about is that the kit I bought is advertized to me a gen 5 air tight breach but it is not air tight at all. Don't get me wrong it has a decent seal but its not air tight
Value for Money Startup Kit
Very much impressed with the Gen 5 fighter kit I received last month. Perfect startup kit for any high powered enthusiast. More Malaysian Rangers should give this kit a shot, and feel its power. AFter giving this a go and receiving positive results, will be upgrading to Trooper soon. Two thumbs up!
Amirul Irfan
cheap yet reliable
honestly this is my first xplorer product and i'm astonished by the sheer power of it even if still having the stock parts. looking forward for new innovations from you guys and i salute you guys for the great job in this nerfing world
Where (Low) Cost meets Performance
Personally I have owned and used the fighter kit gen2 in regular nerf wars. This is what I have to say about it, most people would tie "cost" to "performance" well this is where both cost meets performance, in a war you don't have to own the highest spring rate blaster neither do u have to own the most expensive bad boy out there. All you need is a fast ROF with a good base performance which is to sum up the fighter kit. These are words you tie together with the fighter kit "cheap", "reliable","powerful"&"versatile". The PTG would be something 100-120ft flat out, fps would be 150-170fps (properly maintained). I would reccomend this to anyone looking for good clean fun, with no performance issue and just to go all out in a war the fighter kit (WARNING: ALWAYS PUT ON SAFETY GOGGLES). A must get accesory would be the shot gun grip which luckily for you is on sale now (today till 30/11/13).
Totally Worth It!!! Must Buy!
I am really satisfied by the power and accuracy of this FIGHTER Kit. It has became my primary since the last 5 wars that I've been. Many were shocked by the distance of this FIGHTER Kit though the price is low. Install this with a Xgrip and it'll make a good primary ! Don't wait anymore! Buy it now!
Tactical loadouts
The Fighter kit, light, reliable not mention cheap!!! As a proud owner of the kit, the performance out of my longshot is amazing! I can't stop bringing my longshot out for war especially urban war. My longshot is now both a rifle and shot gun, best of both worlds! I would recommend those who is on a budget and want something great out of their longshot. Xplorer 最高の!!!!!!!
Edwin Lim
Cheap but Good!!!
As the first person in Malaysia to have a Fighter kit in my longshot I am really happy. I am really satisfied with the performance so far!!! In a range test that Phang Kuok Sing did hee got a maximum of 115ft. Sadly the fps is not as good but I am still quite satisfied. The average fps for my longshot currently is 135fps. It is not the best but I am still happy with the performance of the kit. I often bring it for war and I am really satisfied with it. It is cheap but still powerful. I would recomend this kit to people who want a cheap but powerful blaster.
Natalie Tham
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