Xpower kit for Longshot Trooper edition
Xpower kit for Longshot Trooper edition
Xpower kit for Longshot Trooper edition
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Latest release:  Xplorer is proud to release the latest Version 5 breech upgrade.  This upgrade produces performance upgrades up to 260 fps (as tested in our own in-house test).  

The Xpower kit for the longshot consist of 12 parts that converts the conventional breech to the Xpower breech that fires stefans at 200fps (average).  These 14 parts are
Barrel centre ring
Metal Barrel
Dart gate
Dart pusher
Metal Breech
Bolt Sled Hybrid ECO bolt Sled 
Plunger cup with O-ring
14kg spring
Plunger end cap (NYLON)
Plunger rod catch plate
Catch plate spring
Stefan 12 dart magazine Update: Free upgrade to 18 dart X-dart Mag

This easy to install kit will require you to remove your original breech from your plunger tube (by means of cutting which will be irreversible) and some gluing will be required.  Intermediate to advance blaster repair skills is required. Performance will vary but our in-house test of shown each kit is capable of achieving 200fps of muzzle velocity and between 90 to 120 feet of straight line range, fire parallel to ground and using our own X-dart tips.

Above is an early video review done by the one and only Jerm from NMNR and it's on our very first version of our trooper kit

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Xplorer Trooper Kit for Longshot
Only one word to describe this...AWESOME! The sheer power of this kit coupled with an 18.5kg spring blew me away! I just bought this yesterday and chose to write the review today in case I had so much fun playing with it, that I forgot, LOL. Anyways, this kit is probably the best bang for your buck as not only does it provide good power, but also all the necessary reinforcement parts. Can't wait to move on to Ultimate!
DEATH04066-Jia Le
I Just Get this Kit A Few Day Before I write this Review.. I Word to Explain This Kit Is : AWESOME!!
Koon Yoong Yap
Xpower longshot kit = Best!!!
i got my kit about 2 or 3 months ago and i love the amount of power and accuracy . with a shotgun grip it is beastly! Gotta get this kit.
Dion Khoo
Excellent aftermarket longshot kit!
I was totally blown away by the performance of this baby!. The Xpower Long Shot kit is a must get for those looking for a reliable and easy to install kit. It is definitely for nerfers who wish to attend wars but do not have the extra time to mod and fine tune their weapons. This onestop pop in kit can be easily installed and tuned even for a novice modder. The accuracy and power that comes with this kit is great even though it is not a 100% sealed breech. Best part is it almost never jams. Those who intend to invest their "ka-ching" in this kit, I highly recommend getting the shotgun grip and XPTS for the kit too. Helps improve the experience totally
Clement Chng
Most relable LS MOD
I think my this review came abit too late... I have been using this xpower kit for at least 3 months now and was so happy with the performance and punching power of the darts. It double the capacity of my LS and now I able to snipe or rapid fire my opponent (with the shotgun grip) in nerf war... The parts are strong enough to withstand hit priming and the spring load of a 20kg spring... I have since move on to Xplorer ultimate kit. This is the best kit in the market money can buy.
Lee Vincent
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