Xpower kit for Mega Centurion
Xpower kit for Mega Centurion
Xpower kit for Mega Centurion
Xpower kit for Mega Centurion
Xpower kit for Mega Centurion
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$300.00 inc. tax
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The Xpower kit for the Mega Centurion is now open for orders.

Upon order, each kit will take about 2 weeks to produce before we can ship them.

* features a direct plunger tube system base on the XPS (pictured)
* over 30 new parts that replaces the internals of the blaster (main spring and catch spring included)
* magazine converter that allows the mega centurion to fire stefans AND mirco darts (aka streamlines)
* One converter is all you need for both half length and full length darts.
* kit includes the Xprime (worth $35)
* drop in kit with very minor cutting done on the shell. Changes done to the blaster will be PERMANENT
* required advance blaster repair skills as you will be required to open and remove the internals

Video - firing demos

Firing demo - stefans and full length darts

  1. Blaster NOT included.
  2. At the time of writing, the magazine converter is still in the process of fabrication.  Above firing demos are shown as loaded singly.  Finished product will be magazine fed.
  3. The kit installed in the shown blaster is a prototype.  The finished product will be further refined and may or may not defer in looks from that shown in the videos
  4. The ranges and performance are indicative.  We DO NOT guarantee those ranges and we do not claim that anyone is able to replicate those ranges or performance
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Lives up to the name!
After multiple postings on Xplorers Facebook group page, I just had to get it! This is my first X-kit ever! I am very impressed by the build and quality parts. At first I didn't know what to expect but when that when I fired that first shot... my jaw dropped. I recommend this to anyone in my club here in Christchurch, New Zealand and to every Nerfer wanting a TRUE sniper!!! THANKS GUYS!!! KIA KAHA!
Raiden (Nerf Canterbury, NZ)
A true Nerf Sniper Blaster
The Xarrett doesn't just deliver what the Mega Centurion should have been doing as the advertised "Up to 100 feet", it actually fires up to easily 160-170ft parallel, and hit a target straight from 150ft! Had mine to play with this weekend and it was a total game changer! picked off a couple of guys from the 120-140ft range easy. It's amazing how consistent and straight this blaster flies. I would say the installation process was a bit more advanced than I'm used to (i'm more of a drop in and replace kind of guy) but Xplorer are always on call to help out. Even better to send in your Centurion in yourself and get it tuned for optimal performance. Got this kit as a pre-order for 200, but I'd still pay 300 for my next Xarrett kit. It's Xplorer's most elaborate and masterful piece yet!
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