Xpower kit for Retaliator
Xpower kit for Retaliator
Xpower kit for Retaliator
Xpower kit for Retaliator
Xpower kit for Retaliator
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You are buying the Xplorer Xpower kit for the Retaliator.  This is a breech replacement and upgrading the chambering and propulsion mechanism to the Xpower system.  Those who owns an Xpower kit will be familiar with the dart in barrel system that the Xpower is famous for.  Don't wait.  Be the first to own a Xpowered Retaliator.  we only sell the upgrade kit and not the blaster.  Blaster shown in the picture is for illustration only and is NOT included.

Here an in-house video demo of the finished product

*in the Singapore market as at 12 July 2012
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Packs a punch
The xplorer retaliator kit is a must have for all serious nerf hobbyists. The kit effectively managed to double the range of my retaliator, though you should be warned that you'll need to have a strong arm to prime it. If you're going to buy this kit, I would also seriously recommend purchasing the rapid fire grip in order to take full advantage of the mod, while alleviating friction between the priming grip and the gun. Please take note though that the kit requires you to use stefans.
Jonathan Lim
Xpower - Living up to it's reputation
First Xpower kit. Personally installed by Mr. Heng himself, complete with Xprime, Xsled, Xclip and extended muzzle. Xpower is not only worth the price you pay for, it's performance is outstanding! You no longer need to use extensive physics to calculate your angled shots since whatever you see within 80ft is a 80-90% hit (extensive practice required). 100-110ft PTG shots is good enough to have your targets fleeing from you. Although the extended muzzle is an additional piece, do request for it as the difference with/without the extended muzzle is an estimated 30-40 fps.. regular xpower retaliator shooting 120fps max; with extended barrel shooting 140-160fps.. What they say is true.. "Once you go Xpower, you will never turn back!" Thanks again Xplorer!
Oooh.... Aaah..
Went down to Xplorer after receiving my Retaliator from Amazon. At that moment in time, Heng had a special muzzle for the Retaliator with the copper barrel sticking out, I asked him what was that for, and he told me for improving ranges. Then he asked me, do you want it? I don't know what kind of improvements could be made at that moment, so I just said yes. Then Heng showed me the difference between the 2 muzzles: with out without copper barrel. My Retaliator hit 142fps and his Retaliator hit 109 due to the lack of the front copper barrel. Heng also joked with me, he said he needed that copper barrel for a war that Sunday, but he still agreed to letting me have it. Again, great customer service. Thanks again Mr Heng!
Awesome kit
This is already my third Xplorer kit. Tested it out in wars and it is awesome. Mr Heng himself is a nerf enthusiast so you can be assured that Xplorer's kit is battle worthy. It is really a product made for nerfer by nerfer. Customer service is top notch too.
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