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very strong
I love this thing, mine is red and black and it looks really nice. Its cast so its not perfect but the imperfections are so small you can only see them up close and they are only on the inside of the shell. The shell is very thick, it is way stronger then a stock ls shell, i have 22kgs in mine and its been holding up well. There seems to be room for a larger plunger tube, hopefully xplorer makes one. Very happy with the blaster and im looking forward to getting more custom Xplorer blasters. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VpDgIlj3cqg
Pure awesomeness!
Bought one and had it shipped to the USA along with the 6 Gen Ultimate kit. It is nothing short of amazing! If I can build up the funds, I'd definitely buy another one.
The best ever...
First look XZeus is amazingly sleek and small completed to LS. It hold the internal firmly and priming was stiff and amazing smooth. Immediately place an order :')
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