xSkull Base Chassis
xSkull Base Chassis
xSkull Base Chassis
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*This is a video done by Drac at your office and he is reviewing the Sniper Variation of the xSkull.  Enjoy

Xplorer has broken new grounds once again.

We are proud to bring to you, a concept that is 2 years in the making.  A secret project that has been brewing on the design desk of Xplorer that almost did not happen due to some minor setbacks.  Xplorer fans, welcome to the xSkull concept.

The xSkull concept is about building a working core blaster, that is reliable sturdy and encased everything that is needed to work.  The 2nd part of the concept is to design external exo-skeletal cladding that can be attached to the main core, either to achieve a desired look or function.

Hence by changing the cladding, one can totally revamp the look of the xskull blaster.  What's more, we have built in many attachment points to the xskull core so that owners can try to come up with new parts of their own, be it scratch built or harvest from other blasters.  The shell is fully customisable even the pistol grip can be replaced.

More about the Xskull core blaster
  • 6mm-8mm thick fully aluminium 6061 chassis with mounting points
  • build in pump prime function 
  • bolt sled-less design.
  • magazine fed
  • enlarged plunger tube
  • metal plunger rod
  • Xpower™ system with metal dart pusher
  • Xtrigger made from Delrin with ComfortZone™ finger pad

Above: the entire xSkull concept system.  Picture here with Full 5 part Terminator Armour (which is NOT included)

The xSkull in action.  Shown here is the prototype which is near completion.

For all Xplorer Tier 1 and Tier 2 members, buy the xskull NOW and you can utilise your member vouchers to pay for 50% of the purchase price.

For example, if your xskull is $1200
Payment method:
Xplorer member shopping vouchers $600
CASH $600 only

(Note:  Tier 1 membership is now sold at $1000.  We let you do the math)

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