Rapid Fire Grip for Recon
Rapid Fire Grip for Recon
Rapid Fire Grip for Recon
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Xplorer changes the way your blast with the new Recon rapid fire grip.  With this new grip, you can now priming with one hand reliably with the built in side knob (which is ambidextrous friendly) WHILE mounting a scope or a red dot sight on top with the built in 20mm tactical rails.  Now you can use all your 20mm gadgets on your Recon too.  Let your imagination go wild with all the possibilities on this grip.

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Rapid Fire Grip for Recon
The xplorer rapid fire grip for the nerf recon turns the old priming grip into a work of art, it both looks and feels amazing and functions better than the stock part. The part is cosmetically appealing and has the side function of 20mm rail accessory addition. By placing the priming handle on the side of the blaster this kit has allowed the blaster to be primed on the side preventing the clash that would occur with the stock blaster, making it difficult to prime the stock slide with a rail accessory mounted. This kit fixes this issue, whilst still maintaining a very slick modern style. However i will say that i have a major complaint about the price of this item 70 seems far too much, assuming these parts are manufactured in small quantities i can assume that there would be a higher price than that of parts produced in large quantities, however i feel the price is too high for this item. I would recommend this product to any nerfer willing to put in money to their nerf gun (hardcore nerfers) but to any casual nerfers i would not recommend this price as the addition and use of a 20mm accessory and altered slide function is simply not worth 70. For this price, one could simply purchase 2 more recon blasters.
This grip not only helps even out priming better than the stock priming handle, it also doesn't scratch the shell as much. If you noticed, your recon has ugly slide marks over long periods of usage. Installed this on my Retaliator and works well! And somehow, I think it also absorbs sweat? I have sweaty palms but this grip doesn't slip out of my hand unlike the stock priming handle.
Xprime a must have
I have been using the LS shotgun for many wars and it was one of the best product Xplorer had ever produce. One day when I was at Xplorer saw this on their work bench and quickly ask Mr Heng to install it since my recon was already xpowered. After much practice at home, I pack my recon with the Xprime for a war... Believe it or not only xpower recon for war against the 14 and 20kg LS. The day mission was CQB and we have 10 levels to clear and search and shoot our opponent. With the Xprime, I was double tabbing my opponent... And due to the size and straight dart flight of Te xpower recon kit... The Xprime double it ROF and effectiveness of the recon... The Xprime was able to withstand the hard pull and pushing forward during war... It the second best product Xplorer had created... :-) thumb up.
Lee Vincent
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