Rapid Fire Grip for Retaliator
Rapid Fire Grip for Retaliator
Rapid Fire Grip for Retaliator
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Xplorer changes the way you blast with the new Retaliator rapid fire grip.  With this new grip, you can now priming with one hand reliably with the built in side knob (which is ambidextrous friendly) WHILE mounting a scope or a red dot sight on top with the built in 20mm tactical rails.  Now you can use all your 20mm gadgets on your Retaliator too.  Let your imagination go wild with all the possibilities on this grip.


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Double tappingly awesome
Installation of the rapid fire grip not only makes priming an xplorer retaliator kit a hell of alot easier, but increases your firing speed; allowing for double tapping of your opponents in a nerf war. More so, the grip apprears to absorb sweat, while alleviating friction between the priming grip and gun; reducing wear and tear. I would strongly recommend purchasing this grip along with the xplorer retaliator kit!
Jonathan Lim
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