Ultimate Retaliator X
Ultimate Retaliator X
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The Uxret comes with
standard retaliator shell
standard shoulder stock
standard barrel extension
standard trigger
Xplorer Shotgun grip
Full internals replaced with Xpower system
Additional tactical 20mm rails on top
specially made Xplorer logo plate

Xpower internals include
Alum barrel
Xpower Dart gate
Xpower Dart pusher
Xpower Alum breech
Xplorer Custom breech end
Breech end o ring
Xplorer plunger tube (2 parts)
Xplorer Custom metal plunger rod (2 parts)
Plunger rod O ring
Xplorer 12kg main spring
Xplorer Custom catch plate
Heavy catch plate spring
Xplorer composite bolt sled  Metal bolt sled.

What it does not come with but needs to work will be
Magazines and darts
Pls note that full length darts will not work after the upgrade

you may choose to upgrade at extra cost,
The X trigger
The buffer tube (to fit m4 stocks)

The blaster will be finally tuned and tested by Heng personally for best performance

The Urex is pictured with the OPTIONAL buffer tube, butt stock, X trigger, Xplorer logo plate and 3rd party optics.
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big punch for a small package
Almost longshot performance. larger plunger head allows for larger diameter springs. Absolutely love this blaster. very well made with nice strong parts. A must have for ret/recon fans
Price for Performance
Awesome ergonomics with good accuracy of ranges at 100 feet. Worth the buy if you want a small blaster with a big punch. Highly recommend this to Retaliator lovers. Only with this UxRet is the Retaliator at its best.
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