Xpower "Spirit" Blaster
Xpower "Spirit" Blaster
Xpower "Spirit" Blaster
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The Xpower "Spirit" embodies the spirit behind Xplorer, power, accuracy and reliability.

What is the "Spirit"?  It is a custom modded blaster that is based on the Longshot.  

What makes the "Spirit" so special?  
First, heng selects the best longshot within his crop of longshots.  After that, each longshot is dismantled and reassembled.  Each O-ring is matched and rematched to get the perfect seal for every plunger.  After the strict selection process, the following parts are added

Xpower gen 5 fighter kit 
Xpower plunger tube support (for durability)
Xpower hybrid bolt sled  ECO (for extra durability)
Xpower shotgun grip (for ergonomics)

But the true value of the Spirit is more than just the sum of its parts.  It's the extra care and work that goes into each of these special blasters.  The barrel that is added is not just an extended barrel.  It is a tuned barrel with a length that is specially tailored to each blaster (so there might be a variance between each Spirit).  After everything is done, the blaster is sealed and signed by the master maker, Heng.

*photo is for illustration purpose.  The final product may vary. longshots used maybe yellow blue or zombie themed colour, 

*Xmag NOT included
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This thing is a beast
This is a overall great blaster and is a top notch longshot It packs a punch but I still don t know what kinda darts to use? Worker Stefan s or reaper darts?
General Lub
My first real Longshot, they "really" run from me now.
This is my first Xplorer, I wanted one for years but could never afford one. One reason was my main field of modding, as many of you know, is spring pistols, to take them farther and more accurately than ever thought possible, which is a very expensive and time consuming pursuit, the price of having original mods I guess. I have been using Xplorer Darts and parts for years. Their parts sometimes solved impossible problems in Nerf blasters attempting stress levels never put on those particular blasters before and darts accurate enough to be used in blasters in excess of 260 fps without losing carry past 100 feet. So I sold a few blasters and got my Spirit blaster, what me and Heng have nicknamed "The Singapore Xpress" Out of the box one will never have a problem with it, it is built to be used for several years without issues. Lots of padding on the Plunger Head, a spring that isn't over compressed and ranges into the 150 flat, which is great. At your own risk, it can be easily taken to the 170 flat level and arch shots in excess of 200 feet very easily, but only if you are willing to tune it up properly and keep everything in balance while modding, but don't bug them if you break something modding it. The feeding is like nothing else Nerf or any other Longshot modder I know of has ever made, smoothe feeding and made to make a Longshot what it should be, a tactical mid rate of fire high velocity blaster. The shotgun grips are molded not 3d printed and like they sho
Chris Cartaya
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