About Us

Xplorer foam blaster development is an online business that operates out of Singapore.  It all started one day when our chief designer Heng has decided to mix work with pleasure and came up with our very first product, the Xplorer Longshot Grip in September 2011.  The grip was an international sensation and that gave us the encouragement to produce what many claim to be the best (and also the most expensive) longshot full tuned kit (FTK) called the Xpower Kit.  The ease of installation and the upgrade in power was apparently what many people were looking for.  The kit took off and that prompted Xplorer to make more and more products.  Till June 2015, Xplorer has produced over 50 products ranging from upgrade kits to dart tips.

Every one of our products are designed and fabricated in-house, here in sunny Singapore.  Mr Heng is personally responsible for all the products in Xplorer.  Helping with the online store is Mark Loon.  The lady behind the men is Lilian Heng, who does the support work in the background while the boys get all the fun.