xplorer hybrid bolt sled ECO
xplorer hybrid bolt sled ECO
xplorer hybrid bolt sled ECO
xplorer hybrid bolt sled ECO
xplorer hybrid bolt sled ECO
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As there is a constant demand for more range and reliability, our products need to evolve too.  More strength more reliability for less money.  Introducing the all new Xplore hybrid ECO bolt sled.  
  • High stress parts remain in metal while structure parts are in plastic.  More (carbon producing) plastic is reduced from the construction of this bolt sled.  
  • All metal parts are CNC from billet alum to ensure max strength.  This will ensure long service list and less wastage, hence more ECO-friendly.
  • a good balance of metal and plastic help to bring the cost of production down, more ECOnomy.

For this sled to work in a stock longshot,  trigger lock my be removed.

*Do note that all Xplorer  bolt sleds are not warranted or guaranteed against breakage.  This bolt sled can and will eventually fail.


Question:  Will the ECO sled work in a stock blaster/setup?  Or will it only work with Xplorer kits or stefan based kits?
Answer:  The ECO sled is a drop in replacement and will work with both Xplorer and Stock setups, regardless of the dart types.

Question: what is priming method option?

Answer: Different priming methods will require different setup on the sled.  If you are using our Xplorer shotgun grip, the hole in the bolt sled for the priming bar/screw to go through is 4mm. If you are using the stock priming handle (orange) the size of the hole is 4.3mm.  If you are using our Xprime, then the hole size you require is 4.8mm.  When in doubt, always order the smallest hole (4mm) so you can later enlarge the hole with a proper sized drill bit.  If is bad for the sled if you continue to use a sled with a priming bar hole that is too big.
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Longshot Eco Sled
I paired three Eco sleds up with three trooper kits which were installed into two brand new Zombie LS's and into one of Xplorer's (Heng's) own LS which I bought for my 10yr old. The Eco Sleds are precision made and very strong, being made out of predominantly aluminum. I found the Eco Sled rigid and firm, consistently performing well under the constant rapid fire pump and fire treatment my 10yr old, 15yr old and I put our LS through. Performs well providing rigidity with the 14Kg spring and the full metal look makes the LS look cool.
Des Mo
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