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xSkull Base Chassis
This is a video done by Drac at your office and he is reviewing the Sniper Variation of the xSkull. Enjoy Xplorer has broken new grounds once again. We are proud to bring to you, a concept that is 2 years in the making. A secret project that has been brewing on the design desk of Xplorer that almost...
tough, tactical, tenacious - the xSkull chassis Armour Xcommmando. Designed heavy and well balanced, the Xcommando Armour has triple tactical rails to handle most illumination and optical accessory that is available in the market. This is the first full armour that almost completely covers all the shiny...
Terminator Full Armour
xSkull concept blaster chassis cladding - Terminator Full Armour The beauty on the beast. chassis cladding that we call ARMOUR. You are buying the first armour ever built, called the Terminator Armour. Inspired by the killer robots, it features futuristic lines and industrial shapes and profiles. Revealing...
Xranger Full Armour
High Speed and light weight cladding for the xSkull chassis. Presenting the Xranger Full Armour. Consisting of 3 basic parts and focus on the minimalist. Only parts of the xSkull chassis that are user held are clad with xSkull armour. As a result, the Xranger is created. Xranger armour is also our first...
T01 xSkull pistol grip
T01 xSkull pistol grip the 2nd xSkull concept grip that is designed for comfort in mind. contoured to fit the hand perfectly, it comes with finger rest of index finger support and hand support, enabling a full purchase of the blaster.
T00 xSkull pistol grip
xSkull pistol grip T01 The first grip that is purpose designed and built for the xSkull concept project. The grip is ambidextrous and fits most adult hands. Encourages a good palm clamp and rest nicely on the web of the hand.
G00 xSkull pump grips
G00 (double zero) xSkull concept pump grip you are buying a set of pump grips for the xSkull chassis. As the pump mechanism is already built into the chassis, these grips are attached to the push plates that primes the plunger tube. Included in the set are 2 halves of the grip and all necessary hardware...