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Xplorer buffer tube adapter
Ever wanted to install your M4 butt stocks into your Nerf Retaliator, Rampage or Recon? without sawing, cutting, gluing or permanently altering your blaster shells? Introducing the all new Xplorer custom key adapter. Similar products have been done before but they all have a common issue. In order to...
Xsight - Xplorer adjustable ..
After months of design and planning, it's finally here. New, innovative and exciting. The Xplorer hard sights, Xsights slide on slide off design. no tools required for installation. Additional screw is provided for fastening. works on 20mm picantiny rails ONLY. will work on nerf rails only when used...
newly designed xplorer magazine catered to the military simulation (mil sim) market. works with all Xplorer blasters and xplorer kitted blasters (except the Xhawk) completely made by CNC process. featuring a realistic Pmag exterior design on the exposed end of the magazine. scale is 1:1 at the exposed...
Xslim P
You are buying the Xslim P that is made for the Xstrike and the Xblast and Xburst The product will be as pictured BUT without colouring. works with the Xblast and the Xstrike and Xburst ONLY
Xclips for stefans
Specially designed, purpose made dart clip for the stefan sized darts. Can fit all N-strike clip fed series blasters but it's made for Xpower kits. Each clip holds 12 stefans. Version 2 Enhancements: From May we will be exporting the Version 2 Stefan clips. The improvements/changes are 1 Using screws...
dart foam cutting tool
The must have tool for all half length darts aka stefans users. This jig helps users to cut 10 foam each time at the right length in one go. made of durable material, this jig will be easy on your cutter yet tough enough for continuous cutting. The built in "ejector" will make dart making fun and quick....
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Double-X magazine holders fo..
An accessory for an accessory. The X-clamps is now available for sale separately after some request from our discerning users. The X-clamps are made the same way as all our products. Casted in hard plastics from CNC machined master molds, they are never printed. Fact is, we do not even own a 3D printer....
the Xmuzzle is the last bit of detail that makes all Xpower blasters complete. Now you can customize your muzzle to be different from all other blasters in your neighbourhood. Also helpful if your local foam blasting community insist on coloured muzzles for painted blasters. The Xmuzzle comes mounted...
Xslim S
The Xslim S is a 15 dart mag that is made specially for the Xstrike and the Xblast and Xburst ONLY Pictured is Xslim P Xslim S will not have any grip lines
Xmuzzle Hawk
Newly designed muzzle break intended for the Xhawk but can be adapted to any alum barrel from any xpower kit. Purchase price includes - ONE muzzle break blaster and other parts are for illustrated only and are NOT included.